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  • November 24, 2011 6:11 pm

    The Rushfield Babylon Annual Turkey Pardon

    Each year at Thanksgiving Rushfield Babylon is proud to pardon two turkeys and save them from entertainment ignominy.  This year, after careful consideration, we are proud to grant the gift of eternal life to the following two undeserving blights on culture:

    Friends with Benefits and The Office

    To Friends With Benefits: You were overly precocious, had a unworkable premise and a smarmy leading man.  But you tried to make every scene funny.  The dialoge even if it had many clunkers was out there swinging and was more clever than any line in Horrible Bosses.   Mila Kunis is undislikable and you had a great supporting cast.  You didn’t come together in the end but that’s more than enough good things floating to no wish the fires of the abyss upon you.

    To The Office: I don’t know why I’m still watching you. I am embarrassed to tell people that I do.  You ran out of steam so many seasons ago…It makes me seethe with rage that you set the show in Scranton but the sun is always shining and it is clearly 80 degree California every time you step outside.  But I waited around, and I have to say, James Spader has been fantastic.  He is a lot of fun and has me looking forward to watching you again.  And besides that in this time of cross-cut, knowing in joke, produced-and-edited-to an inch of their lives, smug affluent hipster sitcoms, your production seems the model of restraint and humility. Single camera you may be, but you don’t feel the need to shove that in our face every three seconds.

    To the rest of entertainment’s turkeys who were not on this list: Your appeals have been denied and the gallows await.  Happy Thanksgiving The Killing, Drive and Glee!

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